The Hacking House Taipei is open since March 5, 2019.



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The Hacking House program

The Hacking House is a program supported by Sigfox, the leading French IoT company. The program is a 3-month challenge, with intensive training by international mentors. We bring brilliant talents with diverse backgrounds together to shape the future.

The is no age or class level limit.

The program includes:

    1. 70 hours of course in total
    2. 5 hours of online course on IoT and Sigfox technology
    3. 20 hours of offline course on IoT, prototyping, Problem solving, Research Methodology, Design Thinking, entrepreneurship, Business Plan, Pitch and presentation preparation, all by an experimented mentor
    4. 45 hours of teamwork activity

Why you should join

  •        Step into the growing IoT industry
  •        Learn fast by doing
  •        Experience an international environment
  •        Challenge yourself
  •        Start your entrepreneurial journey
  •        Secure your future career

What we provide

    1. A space to gather industrial actors, academia, government institutions, startups
    2. Free workshops by industry experts on key technologies (STM32, Unabiz connected sensors, Sigfox Sensit, Raspberry PI)
    3. Software workshops (Sigfox backend, Autocad)
    4. Certified MIT Fablab workshops on classical prototyping equipment (3D printers, laser cutter, …)
    5. Zero risk entrepreneurship kick-off
    6. Public transportation costs coverage  (Taipei & New Taipei) and lunch expenses (via easycard voucher)
    7. Cash and in-kind award for the best projects at the end of the program
    8. International visibility and media coverage of projects and teams
    9. Global career opportunities within Sigfox and Sigfox partners
    10. Great chance to launch your startup after the end of the program with incubators and accelerators program of Sigfox partners


The Hacking House location

digiBlock Bld C, No.287, Sec. 3, Chengde Rd, Datong Dist., Taipei

Hacking House Taiwan


Important dates

  • January 31th : Initial deadline for participants applications.
  • February 7th: Extended deadline for applications
  • March 5th to March 7th : Winter Camp, where the best teams will be selected to enter the main program.
  • March 11th : Kickoff of the 3-month Hacking House program.
  • June : Project pitches and demonstration

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