Projects developed in HH Taipei Season 1


#1 Pacho

LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) cylinders tracking and monitoring.

#2 UrbnAI

Smart car insurance service, using ThinkTank’s blockchain system

#3 PalmSense

Palm trees health monitoring and infestation detection

#4 FireExtinguishers

Safety monitoring of fire extinguishers

For most of these projects, source code and schematics will be available under MIT License on GitHub

Projects developed in HH Taipei Season 2


#1 Postbox

Optimize the routing of mailmen by avoiding empty boxes

#2 The coffee rust leaf

Detect trees affected by rust so the workers do not put pesticides on healthy trees

#3 Connected seal

Monitor the opening and geolocation of maritime container seals

#4 Construction site management

IoT wearable system for workforce and safety management

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The Hacking House location

Taipei Co-Space. No. 12, Zhouzi Street, Neihu District, Taipei City, 114



  • September 28th: Deadline for participants application
  • October 16th : Kickoff of the 3-month Hacking House program.
  • January 4th: Project pitches and demonstration.

For any queries please contact Philippe: philippe. tzou @ unabiz.com