Projects developed in HH Paris – June 2019

#1 SMS over Sigfox

Ability to send SMS over 12 bytes for emergency situations

#2 Set-top-box monitoring

Report issues from Set-top-boxes or Wi-Fi gateways to improve customer service from call centers

#3 Logistics control

Secure and improve logistics for the Oil & Gas industry

#4 Autonomous water meter

Self powered smart meter to monitor water usage and detect leaks

#5 Flood monitoring

Monitor strategic areas to alert municipalities and local population in case of flood

#6 Water quality monitoring

Monitoring and prevention of water pollution for drinkable water

During 80 days 16 participants (students & entrepreneurs) coming from 8 countries  will work on the projects

Projects being developed from February 2020

#1 Car theft prevention

Prevention of car theft by securing the OBD-II port

#2 Audience monitoring

Intelligent and GDPR compatible people counter for Ads

#3 Connected Bird Nest

Gather data on birds’ population and habits

#4 AirBnB of ports

IoT Solution to enable the sub-leasing of empty spots in ports

In partnership with

Our mentors


Important dates

  • November 2nd 2019 : Initial deadline for participants applications
  • February 10th 2020: Kickoff of the 6-month Hacking House program
  • June 2020: Demo day in front of investors and customers
  • August 7th 2020: Closing of the Hacking House


The Hacking House location

Sigfox offices, 32 rue Guersant, 75017 Paris