The Hacking House Chicago will open from June 3rd through August 23rd, 2019

Projects being developed in HH Chicago


#1 Chicago River water monitoring

Develop a water quality monitoring platform for the Chicago River and the Chicago waterfront

#2 Traffic monitoring

Develop a traffic monitoring, spatial analytics device to count traffic

#3 Wheelchair Use Monitoring

Monitoring the use of wheelchairs to help patients prevent sores and other illness

#4 Agricultural Underground WSN

Underground Wireless Sensor Network to monitor soil parmeters for agriculture

#5 Strain Measuring Aging Infrastructure

Measuring strain levels of Chicago’s aging bridges, platforms and other infrastructure.

#6 Medical Wearables for Developing Countries

Inexpensive wearables for measuring patient’s vitals can increase ER efficiency in developing countries.



  • May 3rd: Applications Deadline.
  • June 3rd: Kickoff 3-month Hacking House program.
  • August 23rd: Demo Day – project pitches and presentations.



The Hacking House location

The Chicago Connectory

22 W Merchandise Mart Plaza #570

Chicago, IL – United States