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The Hacking House is the innovation arm of Sigfox, the worldwide company who provides the IoT connectivity services.

Our goal is to solve problems that don’t have an existing solution. We do this with gathering young diverse talents, a special methodology and a pool of mentors working under specific time-limit.

We fast-track the conception, prototyping and testing phases in less than 100 days, working on real-world projects.


How the Hacking House works 

The Hacking House program is a 3-month cycle opened to all students, freelancers and IoT entrepreneurs. Each team is a mix of Hardware, Software and Marketing profiles working together to solve real world problems for sponsor customers with the IoT.

90 days to hack the problem

 Under the guidance of their mentors, our “hackers” will be given 90+ days to understand the problem, propose an innovative solution and build a real working prototype. Several crash tests along the way will help to adjust the direction of the project.  

Why we always succeed