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By the time you finish reading this page, there will be almost 4,000 new devices connected to the¬†Internet.¬†IoT is getting all over the world. If you want to be part of this game, you’re in the right place!

The Hacking House is the innovation arm of Sigfox, the worldwide company who provides the IoT connectivity services.

Our goal is to solve problems that don’t have an existing solution. We do this with gathering young diverse talents, a special methodology and a pool of mentors working under specific time-limit.

We fast-track the conception, prototyping and testing phases in less than 100 days, working on real-world projects.


Engineering & Business School Students

Get a unique chance to have real hands-on experience on breakthrough IoT projects for renown companies


Submit your IoT project problems for our hand-picked teams to work on and receive training to better manage your IoT projects.

Startups & developers of the Sigfox community

Get access to the coworking space and the HackSpace equipped with the essential tools needed for IoT prototyping

Maker Communities

Get access to the Hacking House and use the HackSpace, as well as to work side by side of the project teams



The Hacking House Program is a 3-month cycle with 3 seasons per year and it’s open to any students, freelancers, developers or entrepreneurs in the world.

We have two Hacking House in the Bay Area and Taipei as of today.

Every season kicks-off with several projects and between 15 and 30 participants who will be selected to join the program. Once selected, project teams come to the Hacking House for this period, learn on IoT and Sigfox technology, and work on real world projects over a rich and intensive training period.

The project teams work in direct contact with the corporate project managers as well as device makers and startups. At the end of this period, participants will be certified as Hacking House graduates, and join the Alumni club, followed by great career opportunities. 


Every season of the program includes the following steps: 

  1. Projects call for entry: (Open now to all corporations)Selecting the best projects to enter the Hacking House
  2. Participants enrollment: (Candidates announcement End December)Selecting candidates who have necessary skills for the projects after successfully passing online and offline assessments
  3. Hacking Camp: (February 25th)The aim of the Camp is to practice team work and learn how to solve problems in groups. That’s why our seasonal camps are very important to know if you are the right person for this journey or not. You will also get training on IoT and Sigfox technology, and create teams in order to be ready to kick-off the projects.
  4. Partners identification: Depending on the scope of projects, teams will be connected to the right Sigfox partners in order to develop the solution. Specific partners can move into Hacking House for the duration of the project.
  5. Project management: All projects will be supervised and led by the Hacking House project manager and mentors whose role is to guide teams, give insights on Sigfox technology and lead the relationship with the client
  6. Project delivery: (May24th, at the end of 3 months)Once the realization phase is done the deliverables will be presented to the client in order to take a decision for the next steps of the industrialization.
  7. Post delivery: The realized product will be added to the showroom. Teams will be graduated and join the Hacking House alumni club. They enter the Post-Graduation program to be recruited by Sigfox, partners or clients or launch their startup.



25-28 Feb 2019 – Taipei

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